Booking Terms

General Booking Terms

Cancellation 50 days to arrival: 45% deposit will be charged.

Cancellation 30 days to arrival: 50% deposit will be charged.
Cancellation on day arrival full amount will be charged.

50% Deposit is required to secure the reservation.

By Prior arrangement only and subject to availability, child occupying a bed, pays full rate.
Children under (12) sharing with parents R150 surcharge.

Student Accommodation Booking Terms

1 year contract for all students. 
NSFAS students pays R600 as holding fee.

Private Students: 2 months deposit and 1 month rental. Deposit can be paid over 2 months with prior arrangements.

No drinking, smoking of cigarettes on the outside at designated area. sleep overs, parties, visiting hours are allocated. Visitors not allowed in bedrooms.